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PeakTech® 1670  | This all-in-one current clamp performs current measurements up to 1000A AC / DC, has an extensive digital multimeter function and a dual temperature measuring function. Measurement data can be mobile recorded with a new Android app via Bluetooth 4.0.

PeakTech® 4095 / 4096  | Newly developed series of 4 1/2-digit (P4095) or 5 1/2-digit bench multimeters with graphical TFT display for highly accurate representation of measured values, curves, histograms, pass/fail measurment, bar graphs and the data logger.

PeakTech® 3440  | New app for Android devices: The improved "PeakTech Meter App" is now available for download.

PeakTech® 2800A  | New Laser Distance Meter up to 40 meters. With spirit level, tripod thread, try square, and comprehensive measurement functions for area and volume calculation.

PeakTech® 1670

PeakTech® 1670

1000A TrueRMS Current Clamp with Bluetooth

PeakTech® 4095 / 4096

PeakTech® 4095 / 4096

Graphical Bench Type Multimeter with Datalogger

PeakTech® 3440

PeakTech® 3440

Graphical Multimeter 50000 Counts

PeakTech® 2800A

PeakTech® 2800A

Laser-Distance-Meter up to 40m with calculation of area and volume




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