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New products

PeakTech® 2715  | A new practical loop tester for testing the safety of electrical installations. It is used to measure the loop impedance and the anticipated short-circuit current. It also has a double insulated housing and a backlit LCD meter.

PeakTech® 2710  | New Digital RCD Tester for verifying RCD’s tripping characteristics: This flexible RCD tester determines the tripping current and the tripping time of residual current circuit breakers and has a 3-digit LCD display with backlight.

PeakTech® 5615  | The new PeakTech 5615 is a professional thermal imaging camera with the included analysis software, SD memory card and USB interface at the best price / performance ratio.

PeakTech® 5620  | Professional thermal imaging camera with high resolution of 384 x 288 thermal image points. In addition to touchscreen, WiFi, WiFi hotspot, USB, Bluetooth and the analysis software, it also offers many thermometric functions.

PeakTech® 2715

Digital Loop / PSC Tester

PeakTech® 2710

Digital RCD Tester for verifying RCD’s tripping characteristics

PeakTech® 5615

Thermal Imaging Camera 160x120 Pixel, -20°C ... 550°C

PeakTech® 5620

Professional Thermal Camera 384x288 Pixel, -20°C ... 550°C




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