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PeakTech® 205-12 Prod-Id: P 205-12

Analog Instrument - 0...30V/60V AC

Our P 205 models are a series of practical and robust analogue meters especially for student tests. These low-cost devices are designed for use as desk-mounted / table-top units and have rotary winding units, mirror scales and safety sockets in 4mm technology. Furthermore, these analogue devices do not require any voltage supply, which makes them durable and cost-saving to use. On the large analogue mirror scale, the respective measured values can be conveniently read by the user or student. A variety of models with various functions and measuring ranges are available.

  • High quality bench type instrument for the use schools and education
  • Durable ABS plastic case
  • No power supply reqiured for measurement
  • With mirror scale and 4 mm safety jack. Class 2,0
  • Dimensions: 90x106x103mm
Range 0 - 30V / 60V AC
Accuracy ±2,5 % of fullscale
Dimensions (WxHxD) 90 x 106 x 103 mm
EAN-13 4250569401831
RoHS 2011/65/EU