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PeakTech® 6075 Prod-Id: P 6075

Digital Laboratory Power Supply, 2 x 0 - 30 V/0 - 5 A DC, 5 V/3 A fixed with USB

Digital power supply, which have the direct current steady voltage and current. It adopts digital control and have high precision. It uses advanced controlling technique of microprocessor to achieve the following functions: the enactment, display feedback, and protecting of voltage and current. This technique improves the accuracy of enactments and the accuracy of control.
Besides, it makes more convenient to operate and more intuitionistic to see. Another characteristic of this power supply is the enacted voltage could lock with help of the key pad in the whole range.
This special function offers users much more convenience and avoids needless inaccurate operation.

  • 25 mm LED-display for voltage and current
  • Current and Voltage Preset
  • Output switchable
  • USB for remote control
  • PC software for timed programs
  • Overload protection and short circuit
  • 4 mm safety jacks
  • Safety: EN-61010
  • Safety-Transformer: EN 61558 - 2 - 6
  • Accessories: power cable, Software CD, USB cable and manual
Output voltage 2 x 0 - 30 V DC
Output current 2 x 0 - 5 A DC (5V/3 A fixed)
Output power 2 x 150 W
Residual ripple (U) 0,5 mV rms
Residual ripple (I) 3 mA rms
Operation voltage 115/230 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Dimension (WxHxD) 260 x 165 x 350 mm
Weight 9,5 kg
EAN-13 4250569401466
RoHS 2011/65/EU