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Lithium-Ion Battery for P 9020

Lithium-Ionr batteries combine high life time with a very low selfdischarge and memory effect. This ensures a long service life and storability without discharging of the battery.

The charging of the battery is done directly in the device, if the device is connected to the power grid. Thus, no battery-charger or similar devices is needed and the battery can remain permanently incorporated into the device.

  • Modern technology
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • High loading capacity
  • Very low self discharge
  • Very low memory effect
  • High number of charging cycles
  • Charging inside of the device
  • No battery charger needed
Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity mA/H 2600 mA/h
Nominal Voltage 11,1 V
Storage Temperature 10°C...50°C
Suitable for P 9020
EAN-13 4250569403675