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PeakTech® 3440 BC Prod-Id: P 3440 BC

Battery & Charger for PeakTech 3440 Multimeter

This charger with lithium-polymer battery of the latest generation extends our Peaktech 3440 graphical Multimeter with a power supply for the service, maintenance, and repair work in the field use.

Lithium-Polymer batteries combine high life time with a very low selfdischarge and memory effect. This ensures a long service life and storability without discharging of the battery.

  • Modern technology
  • Lithium Polymer battery
  • High loading capacity
  • Very low self discharge
  • Very low memory effect
  • High number of charging cycles
  • Battery charger included
Type Lithium-Polymer
Output Voltage 7,4 V DC
Capacitance 1200 mA/h
Storage Temperature 10°C...50°C
Weight ca. 120 g
EAN-13 4250569403880
RoHS 2011/65/EU