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PeakTech® 5201 Prod-Id: P 5201

Material Moisture Meter

This new material moisture meter allows a user-friendly, fast and non-destructive moisture measurements on all types of building materials, wood, and the walls and ceilings of buildings.
The absolute humidity, as well as the minimum and maximum measured moisture are here shown in the large, illuminated digital display. To measure also at difficult to reach positions, this device allows to hold the current measured value in the display by pressing the hold button.
Besides the measured values, the device shows a settable message "Dry, Wet or Risk" and also makes an audible warning tone for high humidity values.
To perform a fast and accurate measurement, this meter uses the electrical resistance of the material and also performs a self-calibration after switching on the device.
The variety of functions and the user-friendly handling of this device makes it suitable for all building owners, architects, craftsmen and hobbyists.
Replaceable test-probes

  • Moisture measurement of all building materials such as Plaster, Gypsum and masonry, same as wood
  • Damage-free measurement with a metal sensor
  • Material measurement depth of 20 to 40 mm
  • Self-calibration when the device starts
  • LCD display with backlight illumination
  • Shock and impact resistant housing
  • Easy to use and fast measurement rate
  • Data-Hold and Auto-Power-Off
  • Display (Dry, Risk, Wet) for good-bad reading
  • Accessories: Batteries, carrying case and user manual
Display 3 1/2-digit LED Display
Measurement Range 0.0 ~ 100.0
Measuring Depth 20 ~ 40 mm
Measuring principle Electrical Resistance
Type of measurement Damage-Free Contact Measurement
Operating voltage 3 x 1,5 V AAA Batteries
Dimensions (WxHxD) 65 x 235 x 30 mm
Weight 250 g
EAN-13 4250569403934
RoHS 2011/65/EU