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PeakTech® 7100 Prod-Id: P 7100

Magnet Holding Kit

This magnetic holder is used to mount your measuring instrument on metal walls, e.g. doors of a subdivision, in switch cabinet construction, the motor vehicle repair or even in shipbuilding.

In addition to the magnetic function, the mounting kit also offers a flap hanger opening for attachment to wall hooks and holders of non-magnetic substrates, so the devices can also be easily attached to “lock and load” or other mounting systems.

With the tear-resistant strap many measuring instruments such as multimeters, laboratory thermometer, insulation testers and various environmental measuring devices can be attached to the magnetic holder. But also working-lights or smaller screw- or tool pockets can be attached directly at the place of use. The fastening can be made either by a buckle or directly by a Velcro fastener integrated into the band.

The metallic base is protected against scratches and damage by a full rubber coating of the magnetic holder so that it can also be safely applied to painted surfaces.

Due to the wide range of applications and user-friendly handling, this fastening system is a must for every craftsman, installer and technician.

  • Suitable for many measuring instruments and tools
  • High load bearing capacity on magnetic substrates
  • Flap for attachment to perforated wall hooks
  • Flexible, fully rubberized material against scratches
  • Tear-resistant strap with buckle and Velcro closure
  • Accessories: Magnetic holders and fastening straps
Loading Capacity (Magnet) Max. 2 kg depending on substrate
Loading Capacity (Wall-Holder) Max. 7 kg
Strap Length Ca. 20 cm
Design Holder Full Rubber Coating
Dimensions Holder 40 x 70 x 8mm
Weight Ca. 40g
EAN-13 4250569403927
RoHS 2011/65/EU