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PeakTech® 7610 Prod-Id: P 7610

PeakTech® 7610

Safety Fuse 0,5 A/600 V; 6,3 x 32 mm

Modern Safety Fuses with ceramic body provide a much higher level of protection against damage to the measurement devices when triggered, than regular glass fuses.

Due to the larger design, a voltage flashover between the internal fuse holders of modern instruments can be effectively prevented, even at high voltages of the test currents.

Blown fuse may only be replaced with spare fuses of the same type and specifications to ensure the safety of the devices and thus the safety of the user during following measurements.

Rating current (A) 0,5 A
Rating voltage (V) 600 V
Response characteristics very fast acting (FF)
Operation class GS
Packaging unit (PU) 10 pce.
Dimensions 6,3 x 32 mm
Suitable for P 2695
EAN-13 4250569402852
RoHS 2011/65/EU