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DMM Tool -Basic Prod-Id: DMM Tool -Basic

Digital Multimeter Software

Our PeakTech digital multimeters offer a wide range of functions for all important measurement values in the field of electronics. To use these functions professionally and to ensure a reliable use in data recording, we have designed our new PeakTech DMM tool as a practical application-software according to the wishes of our customers.

The user-friendly DMM Tool provides a wide range of functions for long-term, time-controlled, range depending- or manually triggered measurement recordings for our multimeters with USB, RS-232 or Bluetooth interface.

Note: The current software is a beta-version, which will be extended in the future on a regular basis with new features and PeakTech multimeters.

  • NEW: PeakTech  3442, 3445 &1670 integrated "DMM"
  • One PC software for all PeakTech Multimeters
  • Based on Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Use several DMM tool instances on one PC, running  at the same time
  • Autosave function saves the measurement values every 10 seconds
  • Manual recording trigger by keystroke
  • Automatic trigger with freely adjustable time interval
  • Pause button to stop the record
  • Time limitable measurement with adjustable start and end time
  • Available as portable version without installation 
  • Data stored in measured value table
  • Table of measured values can be saved in Text, CSV or XML format
  • Graphic representation of the time course curves
  • Save time curves in PNG, JPG or Bitmap
  • User selectable High- or Low alarm
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average value
  • Modern software design for all current Windows systems up to Windows 10
  • Reading USB, LAN, RS-232 and Bluetooth connections
  • Constant expansion of features and built-in appliances
  • Network host and client for measured value representation on several network PCs
Design Software for Digital Multimeter
Type Executable with Installer
Integrated Multimeters PeakTech 2025 / 3315 / 3415 / 3430 / 3440 (BT3.0 & BT4.0)/ 3442 / 3445 / 4390 / 4000 / 4075 / 4090
Integrated Current Clamp PeakTech 1670
Languages DE / EN / NL / RU /BG / SR / ES / DA
Current Version 2.0.2020.1102
Code Platform Microsoft .Net Framework (TM)
Betriebssystem / Operating System Windows 2000 ; XP ; Vista ; 7 ; 8 ; 8.1; 10 (32 & 64 Bit)