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PeakTech® 4145-3000A Prod-Id: P 4145-3000A

PeakTech® 4145-3000A
Abbildung 2: PeakTech® 4145-3000A Abbildung 3: PeakTech® 4145-3000A

3000A AC Current Clamp Adapter with BNC Plug

Professional measuring transducer that allows accurate measurements of high currents up to 3000 A AC in conjunction with the PeakTech 4145. The large opening of the flexible measuring clamp allow measurements even at large conductor diameters. This current clamp adapter is ideally suited as an accessory for the power analyzers PeakTech 4145.

  • Suitable as an accessory for the PeakTech 4145 power analyzer
  • For conductor diameters of max. 160 mm
  • Power conversion: 65mV / 1000A 
ACA 3000 A AC
ACA-Frequency 50/60 Hz nominal
Conversion factor 65 mV / 1000 A
Clamp opening max. 160 mm
Accuracy +/- 1% (+/- 2% Positioning Error)
EAN-13 4250569404283
RoHS 2011/65/EU