«PeakTech® P 1125» Milliohm-Meter ~ 2.000 Counts ~ 20/200/2.000 Ohm

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Product number: P 1125
EAN: 4250569400155
Product information "«PeakTech® P 1125» Milliohm-Meter ~ 2.000 Counts ~ 20/200/2.000 Ohm"
The PeakTech 1125 is an extremely robust milliohm measuring device in a splash-proof hard case for professional field service use, e.g. for resistance measurement on motor coils, generators and transformers or for continuity testing on ring bus systems in industrial plants. This model enables resistance measurements up to 200mΩ with a precise resolution of 100 µΩ or up to a maximum of 2000 Ω. To determine the measured value, a constant current is applied to the measurement object and the voltage drop across the measurement object is measured. Three LED lights provide information about possible sources of error and ensure a quick analysis of any problem that occurs. All test leads and connection terminals required for the measurement are included with the device, making this milliohm measuring device a practical aid for daily work in trade and industry.
Digital counts: 2.000
Display Type: LCD
Milliohm range: 200 mΩ, 2000 mΩ, 2000 Ω
Over voltage category: CAT IV 20 V
  • LCD-Anzeige mit 2000 Stellen
  • Milliohm Messung: 0 ... 200 / 2000 mΩ / 20 / 200 / 2000 Ω
  • Für Widerstandsmessungen an Motorspulen, Transformatoren, Ringbussystemen...
  • Warn-LEDs bei Überschreitung Rp, Rc und Temperatur
  • Automatischer Übertemperatur- und Überspannungsschutz
  • Auto-Hold und Auto-Off Funktion
  • Sicherheit: EN 61010-1; CAT IV 20 V
  • Zubehör:Testkabelsatz, Anschlussklemmen, Batterien und Anleitung