«PeakTech® P 6180» DC linear double laboratory power supply ~ 0 - 30V / 0 - 3A ~ with TFT, USB & RS-232

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Product number: P 6180
EAN: 4250569403828
Product information "«PeakTech® P 6180» DC linear double laboratory power supply ~ 0 - 30V / 0 - 3A ~ with TFT, USB & RS-232"
The PeakTech 6180 power supply unit with color TFT display combines the advantages of a linearly regulated laboratory power supply unit with the remote control options, which until now were mostly reserved for switched-mode power supplies. It is operated via the graphic menu navigation and enables uncomplicated control and programming of the many functions. In addition, the device can be completely remote-controlled using the included PC software. In order to increase the output voltage or output current values, the two independent channels can be connected in series or in parallel. A plus / minus interconnection of the outputs is also possible here. The technology used and the many functions make this device ideal for use in research and development on RF-sensitive components and circuit boards.
Auxillary output: 5 V DC
Channels: 2 CH
Cooling: Active
Display Type: Color-TFT
Output Current: 0 - 3 A
Output Voltage: 0 - 30 V DC
  • 10 cm (3,9“) TFT- Farbanzeige
  • Grafische Menüführung
  • Zwei unabhängige Kanäle mit 30 V / 3 A DC
  • Mit Festspannungsausgang 5 V / 3 A DC
  • Hochgenaue Auflösung von 1 mV und 1 mA
  • Überstrom- und Spannungsschutz
  • Strom-, Spannungs- und Leistungsanzeige
  • Bis zu 100 Zeitprogrammschritte
  • Beiliegende PC Software zur Fernsteuerung
  • Bis zu 10 voreinstellbare Systemkonfigurationen
  • Ausgänge Seriell, Parallel oder Plus/Minus verschaltbar
  • Aufnahme der Ausgangswerte auf USB-Speicher
  • RS232, USB-Host und USB-Device Schnittstelle
  • Zubehör: Netzkabel, USB-Schnittstellenkabel, Software für Windows, Bedienungsanleitung