«PeakTech® P 7850» Tripod for cameras and measurement devices

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Product number: P 7850
EAN: 4250569403859
Product information "«PeakTech® P 7850» Tripod for cameras and measurement devices"
Many measuring devices, especially those from optical or acoustic measuring technology, have to be placed at a fixed location and precisely aligned for their measuring task. Therefore, these devices have a ¼ inch tripod thread, with which an attachment to a photo tripod is possible. For this purpose, we now offer two stable and inexpensive tripods with a wide range of functions, such as a 360 ° rotatable panorama head, any adjustable angle of inclination, continuously extendable legs and much more. The integrated spirit level also serves for precise alignment. All settings can be locked in place so that repeated measurements are always possible without any problems under the same conditions. The tripod is made out of aluminum and plastic and meet the highest standards of stability and resilience, but are still very easy to carry and stow away in the enclosed carrying bag to save space.
Contains: Carrying bag
Design/Type: Aluminium (galvanized)
Height max.: 1450 mm
Height min.: 450 mm
Panorama head 360°:
Payload max.: 5 kg
Thread: 1/4"
Water level:
  • Measurement devices and camera tripod with ¼ inch thread
  • High load capacity even for heavy gauges
  • Adjustable and rotatable panhead
  • Integrated bubble-level for high precision
  • Sturdy construction made of anodised aluminum
  • Modern design with many features
  • Light weight and easy to store
  • Accessories: Carrying Case and manual