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PeakTech® 6226  | New switching power supply in space-saving design with a high power of 300W. Adjustable output channel from 0 to 30V at 0 to 10 A DC. Setting resolution 10mA / 100mA & 10mV / 100mV switchable.

PeakTech® Touch-DSO  | Professional series of high-quality 2-channel or 4-channel oscilloscopes with innovative touch screen operation. Choose between reasonably priced basic devices and all-in-one models with integrated multimeters, arbitrary function generators or with CAN bus decoding, LAN & WiFi.

PeakTech® 4120-4124  | New series of economically priced arbitrary waveform generators with three models: the PeakTech 4120 as a 5MHz / 1-channel device, PeakTech 4120 as a 10MHz / 1-channel device, and the PeakTech 4124 as a 10MHz / 2-channel device. With TFT color display and USB interface.

PeakTech® 6181  | New linear laboratory power supply with three adjustable output channels (2x 0-30V / 0-6A, 1x 0-6V / 3A) and TFT color display. Fully programmable timed programs via graphical user interface or PC software. With USB, RS-232 and LAN interface.

PeakTech® 6226

PeakTech® 6226

Space-saving laboratory power supply 0-30V / 0-10A DC

PeakTech® Touch-DSO

PeakTech® Touch-DSO

2 & 4 - Channel Touchscreen DSO 60MHz - 300 MHz

PeakTech® 4120-4124

PeakTech® 4120-4124

Arbitrary Waveform Generators 5Mhz to 10MHz, 1 & 2-CH

PeakTech® 6181

PeakTech® 6181

Laboratory power supply 2 x 0-30V / 0-6A DC with color TFT




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