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PeakTech® 3410 | Digital multimeter with 3 5/6 digit display, true RMS measurements for AC voltages and currents, automatic range selection and temperature measurement function.

PeakTech® 1655 | Professional digital clamp meter for current measurements up to 1500 A AC / DC and multimeter functions, with 4 ¾ digit display, inrush current and true RMS measurements.

PeakTech® 2175 | Practical LCR meter with high precision 4 ½-digit LCD display with backlight illumination for measurement of resistance, inductance and capacitance values up 110mF.

PeakTech® 4105 | Newly developed 30 MHz arbitrary function generator of the latest generation with color LCD display and two equivalent, can be coupled output channels and many functions.

PeakTech® 3410

PeakTech® 3410

Digital-Multimeter, 3 5/6-digit with True RMS

PeakTech® 1655

PeakTech® 1655

digital clamp meter, with 4 ¾ digit, 1500 A AC/DC

PeakTech® 2175

PeakTech® 2175

LCR meter with high precision 4 ½-digit LCD display

PeakTech® 4105

PeakTech® 4105

30 MHz arbitrary function generator




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