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PeakTech® 9020 | Combined measurement instrument for testing DVB satellite, cable and terrestrial systems with graphical menu navigation, live TV display and extensive accessories.

PeakTech® 6225 | Economical and practical laboratory power supply with an output voltage of 1 V to 30 V and simultaneous output current up to 5 A in switching power supply technology, with blue LED display.

PeakTech® 2180 | Combined LCR meter with multimeter functions, with temperature measurement in a water protected housing. Equipped with an illuminated 3 5/6- digit display and bargraph.

PeakTech® 3435 | Switching power supply with cigarette lighter socket with an over potentiometer adjustable output voltage between 10 ~ 15 V and a fixed, permanent output current of up to 33 A.

PeakTech® 9020

PeakTech® 9020

DVB-C/S/T Meter

PeakTech® 6225

PeakTech® 6225

Laboratory Switching Mode Power Supply DC 1 - 30 V/0 - 5 A

PeakTech® 2180

PeakTech® 2180


PeakTech® 3435

PeakTech® 3435

Switching Mode Power Supply with Lighter Socket




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