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PeakTech® 9020 | Combined measurement instrument for testing DVB satellite, cable and terrestrial systems with graphical menu navigation, live TV display and extensive accessories.

PeakTech® 4145 | 3-phase power analyzer enables precise monitoring of mains & grid- loads, harmonics and energy consumers with vector- or waveform display and USB- interface.

PeakTech® 1350 | Practical 1-channel pen-type oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 25 MHz for the evaluation of electrical waveforms, with a sampling rate of 100 MS/s per channel.

PeakTech® 2755 | Combined Installation Tester according to VDE 0100 for new electric installations and safety-checks, with TFT color display, data logger on SD card or data transfer via Bluetooth (app) and USB.

PeakTech® 9020

PeakTech® 9020

DVB-C/S/T Meter

PeakTech® 4145

PeakTech® 4145

3-Phase Power Analyzer

PeakTech® 1350

PeakTech® 1350

25 MHz, 100 MSa/s Pen-Type Oscillscope

PeakTech® 2755

PeakTech® 2755

Installation Safety Tester




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