H. Boysen
Management Germany

Dipl. Ing. Heiko Boysen has been Managing Director of PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH since 2013. In this role he is responsible for the strategic and sales development of the company.

J. Todt
Project Manager/Trainer/Quality Management Officer

Our graduate in business administration (BA) works as project manager and trainer. Since 2019, she has also been appointed as a quality management officer.

S. Soriano
Management Spain

Sergio Soriano is General Manager of PeakTech Iberia S.L., based in Valencia. He is responsible for the business in Spain, Portugal and Latin America and speaks Spanish and English.

Contact SALES

D. Möller
Team Manager International Sales & Logistics

Your partner for all questions about national / international sales, logistics or key account management is glad to answer any questions you may have regarding these matters.

K. Hamerich
Customer Care

Our co-worker from customer service is the right contact for all questions about your B2B account, product availability or pricing.

J. Thiele
Customer Care

Our kind employee will be happy to help you with any questions concerning the ordering process, delivery capability or any other question about the sale of one of our products.

A. Wunsch
Customer Care

Our friendly colleague is the right contact person for all questions about the order status, the availability of products or the current pricing.

C. Müller-Fried
Customer Care

Our friendly co-worker will be happy to help you should you have any questions about the ability to deliver, an order status, order processing or the pricing of one of our products.

G. Pfeil

Our trainee will be happy to take your call. With his friendly and competent manner, he will help you with all your concerns and ensure a first-class customer experience.


T. Weigt
Service Engineer

Your friendly contact from our technical team is always available for questions about warranty cases, a repair status or other questions about our devices.

M. Issa
Service Engineer

Our electronics professional from the audio and event sector reliably carries out fault diagnoses, repairs, tests and overhauls of all devices.


K. Ehrig
Team Manager Product Management

Your competent contact for all questions on the topics of product advice, specifications, function or the current product range from PeakTech.

J. Lienau
Product Manager

Your technology professional from product management. Contact person for all topics on current PeakTech devices such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, generators, power supply units and other products.

D. Weiss
Product Marketing

Your friendly contact for product images, catalogs and marketing with many years of experience in all topics relating to media and advertising.