«PeakTech® MKS-10» Measuring tip set with 1 mm test tips


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Product number: MKS-10
EAN: 4250569406027
Product information "«PeakTech® MKS-10» Measuring tip set with 1 mm test tips"
This measuring tip set for all standard measuring lines with 4 mm safety sockets was developed in order to be able to measure even small components precisely. This measuring tip set also includes the matching alligator clips, that it is possible to fix the measuring tips to the component to be measured. When using the measuring tips without the alligator clips, an overvoltage category of CAT I 1000 V is guaranteed. By using the alligator clips, it is possible to use the overvoltage category CAT III.
Contains: Alligator clips, Test probes
Double isolated:
Input connector: Alligator clip, Test probe
Nominal current (A): 10 A
Output Connection: 2 mm Plug, 4 mm Plug
Over voltage category: CAT I 1000 V, CAT III 1000 V
Touch guard:
  • Measuring tips with 4 mm safety plug
  • Attachable alligator clips
  • Industrial version with a fixed 1 mm tip.