«PeakTech® P 1032» AC voltage tester 12 - 1000 V AC with vibration


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Product number: P 1032
EAN: 4250569405099
Product information "«PeakTech® P 1032» AC voltage tester 12 - 1000 V AC with vibration"
The new voltage tester P 1032 is used for the contactless detection of AC voltages on live cables and devices. By switching the measuring range, it is possible to detect even low voltages down to a minimum of 12V AC. If you switch on the device, the tip glows green when no voltage is applied. If AC voltage is present at the relevant measuring point, this is indicated visually by a flashing red LED and the integrated buzzer sounds. In addition, a vibration motor ensures the detection of detected voltages even in noisy and confusing work environments. If the user presses the 12V shift key, the test probe lights up yellow. Now the sensor is more sensitive and the frequency of the acoustic and optical signal changes depending on the distance from the voltage to be tested. The integrated LED flashlight can be switched on at any time, even if the actual voltage tester is switched off. In addition, the device can be transported conveniently and safely with the pocket clip. The ergonomic and modern design, as well as the many practical features and the high user safety due to overvoltage category IV 1000 V completes the profile of the PeakTech 1032 voltage tester.
Ingress protection: IP 67
NCV range: 12 ... 1000 V AC, 100 ... 1000 V AC
Over voltage category: CAT IV 1000 V
  • Yellow LED signals 12V to 1000V mode with distance-dependent signal rate
  • 100 V to 1000 V mode with reduced sensitivity for pure voltage testing
  • With acoustic and visual signal when voltage is applied
  • Vibration motor warns of the presence of voltage
  • Robust double housing, handy size with pocket clip, fits comfortably in any shirt pocket
  • All outer surfaces are made of non-conductive material
  • Integrated flashlight with its own on / off switch
  • Additional LED in the test tip for measuring object lighting
  • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT IV 1000 V
  • Accessories: batteries and instruction manual
  • Available: spring / summer 2020