«PeakTech® P 205-07» Analog voltmeter - 0 ... 3V/15V/300V DC


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Product number: P 205-07
EAN: 4250569401824
Product information "«PeakTech® P 205-07» Analog voltmeter - 0 ... 3V/15V/300V DC"
The PeakTech 205-07 is an analog voltmeter that has three scale measuring ranges. With the three scale ranges 0 -3 V, 0 - 15 V and 0 - 300V DC, it is possible to read the measured voltages with high precision. This inexpensive device is designed for use as a desk device / bench device, furthermore this analog device does not require a power supply, which means that it can be used permanently and economically. The respective measured values ​​can easily be read by the student on the large analog mirror scale.
Display Type: Analog
V DC max.: 3V, 15V, 300V
  • High quality device for use in schools and teaching materials
  • Stable ABS plastic housing
  • No power supply needed for operation
  • With mirror scale and 4 mm safety sockets.