«PeakTech® P 2790» Tachometer, 5-digit 1 ... 99,999 rpm


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Product number: P 2790
EAN: 4250569400605
Product information "«PeakTech® P 2790» Tachometer, 5-digit 1 ... 99,999 rpm"
This digital tachometer with a built-in laser, high-contrast digital 5-digit 13 mm LCD display and blue backlight enables fast and accurate contactless measurement of the rotation per minute and the surface speed of rotating objects. The combination of CPU, photoelectric technology and semiconductor laser technology (PHOTO TACH., RPM & REV), which were housed in this device, are particularly noteworthy. With the PeakTech 2790 you are able to carry out various measurements with a 9 volt battery or stationary with the help of a 6 volt power adapter.
Digital counts: 100.000
Display Type: LCD
Distance max.: 50 ... 500mm
Meas. range: 1 ... 19999 REV, 2 ... 99999 Rpm
Meas. type: Non-contact
Memory (internal):
  • Laser target function (class 2; <1 mW)
  • Two test modes: rotation speed mode (unit: rpm) & counting mode (unit: REV (revolutions))
  • Wide measuring range and high resolution
  • Clearly visible digital LCD display and backlight
  • The integrated memory shows MIN and MAX values ​​and the last saved value
  • Battery status display / automatic range selection
  • Accessories: bag, battery, reflective tape and manual