«PeakTech® P 4060 MV» DDS function generator 10 µHz - 20 MHz


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Product number: P 4060 MV
EAN: 4250569403941
Product information "«PeakTech® P 4060 MV» DDS function generator 10 µHz - 20 MHz"
The PeakTech 4060 is a DDS function generator which can be used as a signal generator, but also as a pulse generator. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) enables the function generator to generate various periodic signal curves with high precision. Furthermore, the PeakTech 4060 stands out with its various types of modulation, which offers the user a wide range of output signals and waveforms. With the help of the trigger input, the function generator can be connected to an external trigger signal at any time to increase the accuracy of the signals. The versatility of the function generator covers almost every user request and can be used in areas such as in industry, in the electronics laboratory, in telecommunications technology and many more.
Amplitude: 0 - 20 Vpp
Bandwidth: 20 MHz
Channels: 1 CH
Freq. resolution: 10 µHz
Modulation: AM, FM, FSK, PM, PWM
Power amplifier:
Sine: 10 µHz - 20 MHz
Square: 10 µHz - 5 MHz
Ramp: 10 µHz - 1 MHz
Pulse: 10 µHz - 1 MHz
Arbitrary: 10 µHz - 1 MHz
  • 6-digit LED display
  • HF accuracy: up to a factor of 10-5
  • 10 µHz frequency resolution over the entire frequency band
  • The start and end frequency of the sweep can be set as required
  • Frequency or period, virtual amplitude value or peak-peak value can be selected
  • USB device
  • With 10 W power amplifier
  • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II
  • Accessories: power cord, USB interface cable, software for Windows, BNC cable and manual