«PeakTech® P 6060» Regulated dual power supply with 3 outputs


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Product number: P 6060
EAN: 4250569401442
Product information "«PeakTech® P 6060» Regulated dual power supply with 3 outputs"
Stabilized double power supply for 19 ”rack installation and also designed as a desktop device in the laboratory, industry and for the training sector. The 3-digit, 14 mm blue LED displays enable quick and precise readings. Furthermore, the device has 2 outputs with continuously variable output voltages or output currents and can be connected in series or parallel. Thus, with outputs connected in series, the max. Output voltage is 60 V DC; with outputs connected in parallel, the max. Output current is 20 A DC.
Auxillary output: 5 V DC
Channels: 2 CH
Cooling: Active
Display Type: Segment
Output Current: 0 - 10 A
Output Voltage: 0 - 30 V DC
  • Linear controlled double laboratory power supply
  • Voltage adjustable from 0 V to 30 V DC
  • Current adjustable from 0 A to 10 A DC
  • Series mode up to 60 V DC
  • Parallel mode up to 20 A DC
  • 5V / 3A fixed value output
  • Outputs can be switched off
  • Safety: EN 61010-1
  • Accessories: power cable and manual