«PeakTech® P 7055» BNC to 4mm Adapter


PDF Datasheet
Product number: P 7055
EAN: 4250569406768
Product information "«PeakTech® P 7055» BNC to 4mm Adapter"
This adapter with 4mm safety socket is intended for use to connect oscilloscopes and test accessories with 4mm banana plugs, such as current clamp adapters. This accessory is ideal for use in the service and educational sector.
Contains: Meas. adapter
Double isolated:
Input connector: BNC
Output Connection: 4 mm Buchse
Over voltage category: CAT I 500 V, CAT III 150 V
Touch guard:
  • BNC socket (fully insulated)
  • 4mm safety sockets (fully insulated)
  • CAT II 500V / CAT III 150V
  • Double insulated casing