«PeakTech® P 7255» Carrying Case for Measurement Instruments


PDF Datasheet
Product number: P 7255
EAN: 4250569402661
Product information "«PeakTech® P 7255» Carrying Case for Measurement Instruments"
This high-quality, lockable aluminum frame case protects your electronic measuring devices ideally against all damage while traveling or on the go. The double groove in the closing edge prevents the ingress of dust and splash water, while the padded interior protects the devices from falling damage.
Color: Aluminium
Cube foam insert:
Design/Type: Aluminium frame/ Composite material
Dimensions: 295 x 70 x 195 mm
Dimensions (inside): 285 x 60 x 185 mm
Lock: Snap lock (lockable)
Payload max.: 9 kg
  • Integrated lock
  • Stable carrying case for all kinds of work
  • Including cube foam for easy adjustment of the desired shape
  • Changeable cube foam available separately