«PeakTech® P 8103» Measurement Equipment Set "Environment"


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Product number: P 8103
EAN: 4250569403521
Product information "«PeakTech® P 8103» Measurement Equipment Set "Environment""
Extensive set for teaching aids and for all applications in the electronic area. All devices have an automatic backlighting via a photodiode and various measuring functions, which can be switched using the push buttons on the side. Measurements of air temperature, humidity, light intensity, sound level and air speed can be carried out inexpensively and efficiently with this set.
Contains: Anemometer, Carrying case, Lux-meter, Sound level meter, Thermo-hygrometer
  • Integrated lock
  • Stable carrying case for all kinds of work
  • Temperature / humidity measuring device PeakTech 5160
  • Lux measuring device PeakTech 5165
  • Anemometer PeakTech 5170
  • Sound level meter PeakTech 5175