«PeakTech® P TF-30» Surface Temperature Probe, -50 ... +500°C


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Product number: P TF-30
EAN: 4250569401657
Product information "«PeakTech® P TF-30» Surface Temperature Probe, -50 ... +500°C"
This temperature probe is a type K thermocouple (NiCrNi). The temperature probe can be used for all of our digital thermometers shown in the program.
Cable Length: ca. 200cm
Construction: Surface temperature probe
Probe Length: 200mm
Ø Sonde: 14mm
Temp. max.: 500 °C
Temp. min.: -50 °C
  • Measures temperatures up to 500 ° C
  • Rod - temperature probe for surface temperature measurement
  • Type-K connection for all common measuring devices