«PeakTech® P TF-50» Measuring bead probe, -50 ... +250°C


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Product number: P TF-50
EAN: 4250569401671
Product information "«PeakTech® P TF-50» Measuring bead probe, -50 ... +250°C"
This temperature probe is a type K thermocouple (NiCrNi). It is possible to use the temperature probe for all of our digital thermometers shown in the program. The measuring bead is for general measuring purposes and can therefore not be used for immersion measurements.
Cable Length: ca. 200cm
Construction: Thermocouple / flexible, Universal temperature probe
Probe Length: 3mm
Ø Sonde: 1,5mm
Temp. max.: 250 °C
Temp. min.: -40 °C
  • Measures temperatures up to 250 ° C
  • Temperature probe with measuring bead for general purpose temperature measurement
  • Type-K connection for all common measuring devices