«PeakTech® P 1890» Laboratory power supply DC 1 - 20V/ 0-10A with USB


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Product number: P 1890
EAN: 4250569400391
Product information "«PeakTech® P 1890» Laboratory power supply DC 1 - 20V/ 0-10A with USB"
The PeakTech 1890 is a programmable laboratory power supply for a maximum of 20V / 10A DC, i.e. 200 W continuous power. In addition to presets for current and voltage values, time programs with intervals and the number of runs can also be created directly on the device or using the included PC software. For operation with a PC, the switching power supply is equipped with a USB and RS-485 interface. A PC connected to the RS-485 interface enables the control of up to 32 power supplies. A USB interface on the back of the device connects to a Windows PC. The intelligent fan control adjusts the speed of rotation to the respective temperature and output power. The output voltage and current limit can also be set in the open circuit without a connected load. Due to its high reliability and the programming functions, this power supply series is ideal for professional users from industry, control and regulation technology or the electronics laboratory.
Channels: 1 CH
Display Type: LCD
Input connector: IEC socket
Output Connection: 4 mm Plug
Output Current: 0 - 10 A
Output Voltage: 1 - 20 V DC
  • DC laboratory switching power supply with max. 20 V / 10 A
  • Multi-line LCD display with backlight
  • 4 mm safety sockets for connecting a consumer
  • USB and RS-485 interface for connection to the PC
  • Freely adjustable presets for current and voltage values
  • Freely adjustable time programs and cycle times
  • Display of setpoint and real value for voltage and current
  • Watt display for current output power
  • Short circuit; Overload and overtemperature protection
  • Safety: EN 61010-1
  • Accessories: USB cable, RS-485 connector, software CD for Windows, power cord and manual