«PeakTech® P 3127 A» Universal power supply 3 ... 12V DC, 1500mA


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Product number: P 3127 A
EAN: 4250569405365
Product information "«PeakTech® P 3127 A» Universal power supply 3 ... 12V DC, 1500mA"
AC/DC-Adaptor in latest eco-friendly-technology. Combined with the wide range of line voltage from 100 - 240 V AC max. output current of 1500 mA and an output voltage of 3 - 12 V DC. With the included plug set of 6 pcs the adapter can be used universal. This powerful adapter is short-circuit proofed, has an automatic thermal fuse and is equipped with an overload protection.
Input connector: Europlug Type-F
Output Connection: Barrel-/Jack Plug, USB Type A Socket
Output Current: 1500 mA
Output Voltage: 3 - 12 V DC
  • Energy efficient and low standby consumption
  • Universally applicable plug-in power supply
  • Adjustable output voltage 3 V to 12 V DC
  • 1.5 A output current
  • Extensive jack and barrel connectors
  • Adapter for supplying USB devices
  • Safety: EN 60950