«PeakTech® P 6075» Digital Laboratory Power Supply with USB


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Product number: P 6075
EAN: 4250569401466
Product information "«PeakTech® P 6075» Digital Laboratory Power Supply with USB"
Digitally controlled, high-precision DC power supply with stepless voltage and current settings. The PeakTech 6075 has two adjustable voltage / current outputs, which make it possible to continuously set the desired values ​​between 0 - 30V DC and 0 - 5A DC. Furthermore, a fixed voltage output of 5V / 3A is integrated in the device. With the large and clear display, it is easy to display the set values. Other features of the device are the C.V and C.C function, which is used to set a constant voltage / current. The output voltage can be fixed by using the keypad, which enables the operator to select quickly and efficiently the values ​​to be set. The flexibility of that device, makes it ideal for almost all areas, e.g. the hobby area, the area of ​​training and also for professional use.
Auxillary output: 5 V DC
Channels: 2 CH
Cooling: Passive
Display Type: Segment
Output Current: 0 - 5 A
Output Voltage: 0 - 30 V DC
  • 25 mm LED-display for voltage and current
  • Current and Voltage Preset
  • Output switchable
  • USB for remote control
  • PC software for timed programs
  • Overload protection and short circuit
  • Safety: EN-61010
  • Safety-Transformer: EN 61558 - 2 - 6
  • Accessories: power cable, Software CD, USB cable and manual