«PeakTech® P 8100» Measurement Equipment Set "DMM & Clamp Meter"


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Product number: P 8100
EAN: 4250569403491
Product information "«PeakTech® P 8100» Measurement Equipment Set "DMM & Clamp Meter""
The PeakTech 3415 Digital Multimeter features a True RMS measurement and is suitable for a variety of measurements of electronics, such as AC and DC voltage, current, capacity, resistances, frequencies and temperatures. The device also has a USB port for live data recording of all measured values to a PC. To complete this measurement device kit the current clamp adapter PeakTech 4200 for the multimeter is integrated, which can measure AC currents up to 200 A. For daily use in the field of electronics, this set also features the alligator clips PeakTech 7015, and the appropriate safety connecting cables PeakTech 7020. The temperature clamp sensor TF-25 is suitable for professional use of the temperature measurement function, which can be easily attached to pipe systems or other measurement objects under test. These high-quality measurement devices can be safely transported to your working site with the PeakTech 7265 carrying case and protected from dust and rain, as well as from hard knocks and impact damage.
Contains: Alligator clips, Batteries, Carrying case, Current clamp adapter, Multimeter, Software, Temperature clamp probe, Test leads, Thermocouple element
  • Integrated lock
  • Stable carrying case for all kinds of work
  • Digital multimeter PeakTech 3415
  • Current clamp adapter PeakTech 4200
  • temperature clamp PeakTech TF-25
  • Test leads and alligator clips