«PeakTech® TKS-4» Test Leads with 4 mm spring-contact probe tip


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Product number: TKS-4
EAN: 4250569401732
Product information "«PeakTech® TKS-4» Test Leads with 4 mm spring-contact probe tip"
This test cable set for multimeters consists of safety test leads in accordance with the EN 61010-031 standard with 4 mm safety sockets in a robust design with a cable length of 120 cm and 90 ° angled plugs. The 4mm diameter spring contact test probes of the TKS-4 cables fit exactly into power sockets and are provided with removable protective caps. In CAT I / CAT II measurement environments, these can be accepted for a probe tip length of 18mm, in CAT III / CAT IV measurement environments they must remain attached for better user safety and provide a probe tip length of 4mm.
Cable Length: ca. 120cm
Contains: Test leads
Double isolated:
Input connector: Test probe
Nominal current (A): 10 A
Output Connection: 4 mm Plug
Over voltage category: CAT III 1000 V
Removable sleeves:
Touch guard:
  • Test leads with 4mm safety plug
  • Highly flexible PVC test leads red / black
  • Version with removable protective caps
  • Probe length 4mm / 18mm