«PeakTech® P 7100» Magnet Holding Kit
This magnetic holder is used to mount your measuring instrument on metal walls, e.g. doors of a subdivision, in switch cabinet construction, the motor vehicle repair or even in shipbuilding. In addition to the magnetic function, the mounting kit also offers an Euro hanger for attachments to wall hooks and holders of non-magnetic substrates, so the devices can also be easily attached to perforated wall or other mounting systems. With the tear-resistant strap many measuring instruments such as multimeters, laboratory thermometer, insulation testers and various environmental measuring devices can be attached to the magnetic holder. But also working-lights or smaller screw- or tool bags can be attached directly at the place of use. The attachment can either be done by a buckle or directly via an integrated Velcro fastener. The metallic base is protected against scratches and damage by a full rubber coating of the magnetic holder, so that it can also be used on painted surfaces. Due to the wide range of applications and user-friendly handling, this fastening system is a must have for every craftsman, installer and technician.