«PeakTech® P 2680/85 KS» Test lead set with HV probe and two leads (black / green) for P 2680/2685
A set consisting of a high-voltage probe head up to 10 kV and other accessories suitable for HV insulation measuring devices such as our P 2680 and 2685 with the corresponding connection.

«PeakTech® P 8200» Measuring Accessories Set
This extensive collection of test accessories for the electronics area provides the best suitable measuring adapter for the desired application for each digital multimeter. In addition, these high quality clips and cables are all manufactured to the latest safety standards and provides a high safety in every application for the user. For the material, a flexible plastic was chosen, which can also withstand the hardest kinds of usage.

«PeakTech® P 8201» Measuring Accessories Set with 4mm Plugs
The PeakTech 8201 accessory set was specially put together for the training and laboratory area and includes a practical collection of 4 mm cables with banana plugs, test probes and connection terminals which are ideal for connecting electronic loads and laboratory power supplies. The double-insulated plastic parts are made of flexible and durable material.