«PeakTech® P 5600» Video Borescope, Color TFT, USB and SD card
The PeakTech 5600 is used to locate objects such as connection terminals, electronic components, break points, constrictions, cracks or components at hard-to-reach, hidden locations. This video endoscope camera offers a variety of excellent technical properties, such as the detachable monitor connected by video cable or the high-resolution camera with 6 dimmable LEDs for lighting, which can take photos and videos. This data can be saved on an SD card. In addition, the diameter of the flexible camera is only 8.2 mm small enough to get through small openings. Suitable for all areas of application, the wide camera viewing angle of 60 ° and the automatic depth of field from 30 mm to almost "infinite" ensure a clear view of the subject.