«PeakTech® P 4955» IR-Thermometer -50 … +2200°C, Datalogger, Video
Professional "5 in 1" environmental video measuring device with a dual laser for exact target area determination for fast, accurate and non-contact surface temperature measurements. An additional type K measurement input is available on the device for direct contact measurements or differential measurements of surfaces. The integrated photo function displays the measured object with the temperature displayed and other measurement data such as air humidity and dew point temperature and can be saved in the internal memory or on a microSD card. The integrated data logger saves all measured values ​​which can be evaluated and processed on the PC. Ideal for documenting important measurements in the industrial sector, electrical engineering, maintenance and service work, quality assurance, construction and energy consulting.

«PeakTech® P 5035» Multifunction environment tester
The PeakTech 5035 combines a sound level, lux, air humidity and a temperature measuring device. It is therefore ideally suited for professional and private use. The sound level meter enables dB measurements and the determination of sound level ratios. With the Lux measurement function it is possible to measure and determine various lighting conditions, e.g. the light intensity at the workplace. The measurement is carried out with a light-sensitive, highly stable silicon diode. The humidity / temperature meter works with a humidity / semiconductor element as well as a type K sensor to determine ambient temperatures or the humidity.

«PeakTech® P 5090» Temperature-/Humidity Meter, -50 ... +500°C
This digital temperature / humidity measuring device (with double-function LCD display for simultaneous display of humidity and temperature) enables use in the areas of refrigeration, air conditioning, plant construction, construction industry and for general heat treatment processes in the metal, electrical and chemical industries. With the laser it is possible to carry out a quick contactless temperature measurement from a safe distance on hot or moving objects or at measuring points that are difficult to access.

«PeakTech® P 5400» IR-Thermometer - Dewpoint Meter -50...+260°C
This combinated device measures the air humidity, the air temperature and the surface temperature at cold bridges by infrared measurement, e.g. on walls and in room corners. This enables moisture precipitation to be located quickly in order to localize mold formation in buildings and to take suitable countermeasures. The two-tone LED above the LCD display contributes to easy handling, which enables quick good / bad evaluation and changes from green to red if there is a risk of mold. An acoustic warning signal also sounds. All measurement functions, such as humidity, air temperature or infrared surface temperature measurement, of course also work on their own, so that this device combines three practical measurement functions. The dew point temperature is calculated from the ratio of air temperature / humidity to surface temperature. Due to these technical properties, this device is the ideal companion for the valuation of rental apartments, the construction and architecture sector, as well as a wide variety of applications in the biological and agricultural sectors.