«PeakTech® P 5025» Digital Lux Meter, 3 1/2-digit, 0 ... 50.000 Lux
An extremely easy-to-use device in pocket format with 3 ½ digit 11 mm LCD display and battery status display. Ideal for checking and measuring lighting conditions in offices, factories, hotels etc. Measuring spectrum according to C.I.E.

«PeakTech® P 5086» Digital LED Lux Meter, 3 3/4-digit
This LED LUX meter with 3 3/4-digit LCD display (max. 3999) is a precise measuring device which is suitable for measuring the illuminance of LED lights, fluorescent or conventional filament lamps with different light colors. The measurement is carried out in lux (lx), foot candle (fc) or candela (cd). Simple lux meters are mostly only for the measurement of standard light e.g. Filament lamps with a color temperature of 2856 K are suitable and deliver inaccurate measurement results at different color temperatures. With the PeakTech 5086, different light source factors can be set, e.g. to measure different neon lamps, filament lamps, red, blue, yellow or daylight LEDs. The device has 10 freely adjustable correction factors for various light sources, 99 memory locations for measured values ​​and other useful measurement functions, such as a minimum and maximum value function or data hold, and is therefore ideally suited for professional use in occupational safety or for evaluating lighting systems.

«PeakTech® P 5165» Digital-Lux-Meter 0...200.000 Lux
The PeakTech 5165 measures the current illuminance on the permanently installed sensor with a high sampling rate for a quick and exact evaluation of the measurement results. The easy-to-read LCD display is equipped with automatic backlight, which activates itself via a photodiode when the brightness is low. On the side there are buttons for data hold, MIN / MAX or the measurement function selection. This handy and inexpensive device is particularly suitable for teaching aids or home users.