«PeakTech® P 3450» TrueRMS multimeter & thermal imaging camera
This new combination of the latest True RMS graphic multimeter and responsive thermal imaging camera enables professional use in all areas of electrical engineering. The multimeter has many various functions to carry out precise measurements, which you can log automatically, save with a screenshot or record and process using an app for Android or iOS mobile devices. Switch the color TFT display between the pure multimeter display or a combined multimeter / thermal image display and use the graphical menu navigation to carry out all settings according to your requirements. The multi-meter display provides you with multi-line displays for current measured values, maximum / minimum or relative value measurements. The integrated thermal imaging camera offers a very fast sampling rate of 50 Hz to enable a smooth display when troubleshooting. The Thermal imaging camera of the PeakTech 3450 uses a thermal image resolution of 80 x 80 pixels. Use the graphic menu to switch between different color palettes (gray & inv. / Iron / rainbow, etc.), set the emission factor or activate the laser pointer to mark the measuring station.