«PeakTech® P 5615» Thermal imaging camera 160x120 px. -20°C ... 550°C
The PeakTech 5615 is a thermal imaging camera with a thermal resolution of 160x120 thermal image points with a high-quality sensor, which makes even the smallest temperature differences visible. All thermal images can be opened and evaluated using the enclosed software, with subsequent changes, e.g. can be done on the pallet selection. Use this new development to find thermal bridges in thermography, leaks in systems and pipe systems or track heating pipes in walls and floors. In electrical engineering, this thermal imager offers the possibility to find contact problems and contact resistances for example in sub-distributions to prevent a fire risk.

«PeakTech® P 5620» Thermal imaging camera 384x288 px. -20°C … 550°C
The PeakTech 5620 is a professional thermal imaging camera with a high thermal resolution of 384x288 thermal image points and it owns a variety of excellent features for work in building thermography or industrial use. In addition to the pure thermal image display, this new development also offers a PIP (picture-in-picture) display, a real image camera or a fusion function in which the contours of the real image recorded are combined with the thermal image in order to ensure an even better display. All of the image modes mentioned can also be used for video recording, which also enables audio recordings for the respective video. The many functions are controlled via the buttons on the device, but also via the touch screen function of the color TFT display. All thermal images can be opened and evaluated using the enclosed software, even subsequent changes can be done for example on the pallet selection.