«PeakTech® ADHESIVE TAPE» reflective tape 200 mm, for PeakTech 2785/2790/2795
Reflective tape as a spare part for all optical tachometers / tachometers, such as our models P 2785, 2790 and 2795.

«PeakTech® NK / EU-ST» IEC connection cable Length: 1.5m black 10-16 A / 250 V
Connection cable for devices with EU plug

«PeakTech® NK / UK-ST» IEC connection cable, length: 1.8m, UK plug, 250 V / 60 Hz; 5 A
Connection cable for devices with UK plug

«PeakTech® NK / US-ST» device connection cable according to US standard, type Feller 498 G / C13, 125 V AC / 10A
Connection cable for devices with US plug

«PeakTech® P 2680/85 KS» Test lead set with HV probe and two leads (black / green) for P 2680/2685
A set consisting of a high-voltage probe head up to 10 kV and other accessories suitable for HV insulation measuring devices such as our P 2680 and 2685 with the corresponding connection.

«PeakTech® P 2795 ADAPTER» Measuring wheel set for P 2795
Spare parts set for PeakTech 2795 tachometer.

«PeakTech® P 3435 TR» additional transmitter for PeakTech 3435
Additional transmitter for the PeakTech 3435 line finder with display for mains voltage and setting for transmission channel. A maximum of 7 transmitters with their own transmission channel can be used together with a PeakTech 3435.

«PeakTech® P 5185 PR» external sensor for P 5185
External Temp & Humidity Sensor for P 5185

«PeakTech® P 5225 GEL» coupling agent for ultrasonic testing, 50ml
Replacement gel for ultrasonic tests, suitable for our ultrasonic material thickness measuring device P 5225

«PeakTech® P 5315 PR» electrode for PH meter P 5315
Replacement electrode suitable for the PH meter P 5315 or similar models.

«PeakTech® P 5601» additional camera with 2 meter gooseneck for PeakTech 5600
Flexible additional camera / replacement camera for the PeakTech 5600 endoscope camera.