«PeakTech® P 3433» Digital Wall Scanner
The new PeakTech 3433 was specially developed for daily use in the craftsmanship, as it can be used to locate wood, metal or live lines to make sure that no damage is caused through the work of chiseling, slitting or drilling into walls. The inverted LCD display shows the distance to the material which has been found and helps the user to assess the internal condition of the wall to avoid damage to pipes or live circuits. The depth of reception of the sensor is between 20mm (wood) and 120mm (ferrous metal) depending on the material sought. In addition, an LED (green, yellow, red) indicates whether a material has been found or whether there is a live line at the current test point. The simple operation, safe application and high-quality workmanship makes this model an indispensable companion for every craftsman, handyman or installer for maintenance and all work in the building sector.