«PeakTech® P 2525» 3-phase motor direction indicator, LED display
Direction indicators are indispensable for use in the electrical assembly of three-phase motors. The PeakTech 2525 offers two different functions for displaying the direction of rotation. In normal use, the test leads are connected to the live terminals, with an R / L display showing the later direction of rotation of the electric motor. In addition, this model can be used for the contactless determination of the direction of rotation of switched-off or not connected motors. Place the switched-on measuring device on the motor parallel to the longitudinal axis without test leads. Now turn the shaft of the motor, the measuring device now shows a right or left movement.

«PeakTech® P 2530» 3-phase direction indicator with LCD display
In order to drive three-phase motors and self-starting AC motors, a rotating field in a 3-phase circuit magnetically pulls the rotor of an electric motor. This can be done as a right or left rotating field, with an exchange of two outer conductors of the three-phase circuit causes a reversal of this direction of rotation. The PeakTech 2530 is a handy measuring device that checks the phases of a three-phase motor and shows the current direction of rotation. In this way, electric motors can be correctly connected during new installation or errors can be found in existing systems. This makes the PeakTech 2530 the ideal companion for any electrical installer or service technician e.g. in the maintenance of industrial plants or the installation of commercial kitchens.