«PeakTech® P 5201» Wood - and Material Moisture Meter
This material moisture meter enables a user-friendly, fast and non-destructive moisture measurement on all types of building materials, wood and the walls and ceilings of buildings. The absolute humidity as well as the minimum and maximum measured humidity are shown in the large, illuminated digital display. In order to be able to measure even in hard-to-reach places, the current measured value can be held in the display using the Hold button. In addition to the measured values, the device also outputs an adjustable notice "Dry, Risk or Wet" and it also generates an acoustic warning tone when the humidity is high. In order to carry out a quick and precise measurement, this measuring device works with the electrical resistance of the material and also carries out a self-calibration after switching on. Due to the multitude of functions and the user-friendly handling, this device is suitable for every building owner, architect, tradesman and hobby user.