«PeakTech® P 2170» LCR-/ESR-Meter, 100 Hz - 100 kHz, with USB
This digital LCR measuring device with ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance measurement) is equipped with many functions and, thanks to its compact design, is ideal for component testing at the workplace as well as for various service and maintenance work. The illuminated multi-function display with bar graph and the high measuring frequency of up to 100 kHz enable high-precision work. Components can be tested with the included Kelvin terminals (4 conductors) or directly via the test sockets at the front panel. With the included PC software, the measured values can be recorded, saved and evaluated. Power is supplied either with the enclosed batteries or with a separately available power supply.

«PeakTech® P 2175» LCR-Meter, 11000 Counts, 20H, 110 mF, 20 MΩ
This digital LCR measuring device has a large 4 ½-digit LCD display (max 11000) for quick and precise reading of measured values. The measuring device is equipped with a large measuring range of up to 110 mF, which is used when testing capacitors in the Audio / HiFi or amateur radio area. Inductors (coils) can be measured up to 20 H and resistances up to 20 MΩ. The device also includes a diode and continuity test function. Thanks to its simple operation and technical performance, the PeakTech 2175 is the ideal helper in the service and repair area.

«PeakTech® P 2180» Digital multimeter with LCR meter, 6,000 counts
This combined digital handheld multimeter with the LCR meter function, due to its versatility, can be used universally in the service and maintenance area. In addition to multimeter functions such as voltage, current and frequency measurement, this device also has functions for inductance, capacitance and resistance measurements. With the enclosed Type K sensor it is possible to measure the temperature. For professional use in the field, the PeakTech 2180 has protection class IP67, making it dust and waterproof. This protects it against brief immersion and thus also against rain and splash water. The functions makes the PeakTech 2180 the ideal companion for service technicians, as well as for all users in the industrial and construction sectors.

«PeakTech® P 3705» Digital capacitance meter
This digital capacitance meter is a reliable hand-held measuring device with a 3 1/2 digit display. To carry out the measurements of capacitance and resistance are the main functions of the PeakTech 3705. Due to the high accuracy of the respective measured quantities, it is possible to determine any capacitance and resistance values ​​with high precision. It is also able to perform diode, continuity and transistor tests. With the rotary switch, which is integrated in the front, the zero point is set before the capacity test in order to obtain precise measurement results. The PeakTech 3705 is the ideal companion for any measurements in areas where the determination of resistance values ​​and capacitors is required.

«PeakTech® P 3710» C/R measuring device for SMD, 3 5/6 digits
The PeakTech 3710 is a measuring device in tweezer shape for SMD measurements, which is equipped with an auto-scan function, which is used to measure components on circuitboards precisely and quickly. This makes it ideal for any area in which measurements of SMD components are carried out.

«PeakTech® P 3730» Inductance / capacitance meter
The PeakTech 3730 is suitable for testing capacitors in the range 2 nF to 200 µF, coils from 2 mH to 20 H and resistors from 200 Ω to 20 MΩ. The 3 ½ digit, 21 mm LCD display (max 1999) enables the user to read the values ​​quickly and precisely. Furthermore, this combination device also has a diode test, continuity test and transistor test function. The capacitors to be measured can be plugged directly into the terminal socket or with the test leads which are provided.